Sissy Toys

Our Best Sex Toys for Sissies & Femboys.

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Sissy Dildos

The Best Sissy Dildos

Dildos which not only look realistic but also feel lifelike. From average sizes that'll satisfy most, to bigger toys for sissy sluts.

Sissy Lingerie & Panties

Sissy Panties & Lingerie

Find a cute pair of feminine panties. Sissies will feel sexier than ever dressed in risque lingerie and elegant stockings.

Sissy Anal Training Toys

Sissy Anal Training

Prepare for the girth you crave. Pop in a dazzling butt plug or have toe-curling sissygasms with vibrating anal toys.

Sissy Bondage Toys

Sissy Bondage Toys

Bend over for a sissy pegging from your mistress, or hide a manly Adam's Apple with a sexy choker. Check out our bondage gear and femdom toys.

Sissy Chastity Cages

Sissy Chastity Cages

Lock up that sissy clitty! Secure it with an adjustable chastity device or squeeze into a tiny metal cock cage. Designed to wear extensively.

Sissy Vibrator Toys

Powerful Sissy Vibrators

Soak your panties in cum! Sissy vibrator toys will stimulate that clitty handsfree. Now you can even orgasm while locked in chastity.

Sissy Shaving

Shaving & Intimate Care

Sissies must ditch the masculine body hair. Get a nice trimmer or moisturizing shaving cream to avoid razor burn.

Sissy Makeup

Makeup & Lip Gloss

Give those sissy lips some glamour! If you want to be fully feminized, then a touch of girly makeup will seal the deal.

Sissy Fragrance & Perfumes

Fragrances & Perfumes

Smell as feminine as you feel! Wear a risque outfit, spray a mist of perfume, and get naughty with any sissy toy.

Sissy Anal Lubricants

Anal Specialized Lubes

Want to ride a huge dildo or anal toy? Make the stretching easier by using a desensitizing lube designed for taking a lot of girth.

Sissy Cum Lubes

Lifelike Cum Lubricants

Fantasize about a real cock like never before. Lather up a sissy dildo with lube that looks and smells like cum. It's an ideal add-on for toys.

Sissy Enema Kits

Enema & Hygiene Kits

Keep that sissy pussy fresh so you can let loose on all of those sexual urges. Enemas are highly recommended before any kind of anal play.